A total cure to diabetes

To My Beloved Black Diabetic,


I’m Shawn Smith and last year, alone, I put in over 560 hours studying research on how diabetics respond to natural, plant foods.


With over 28,000 readers, I consider myself a health reporter. My work helps Black folks live better lives with thinner waist lines and healthier blood sugar levels.


In this letter, I want to share 21 Lessons You Must Know If You Want To Live An Extraordinary Life Without Type 2 Diabetes:


Just so you know…


I’ve included all links to the major peer-reviewed research below…


And the studies are clear


Type 2 Diabetes Is Curable (Reversible) With Natural, Everyday Foods…


BUT Your Doctor Probably Won’t Tell You That…Because They SIMPLY DON’T KNOW…


*Figure 1. Only 14% of Doctors Feel Qualified To Provide Nutritional Information To Patients. Over 90%Wish They Could.


 1. According to U.S. News World Reports, Doctors are only given 19.6 hours of Nutrition Training over 4 years of medical school. It is very difficult to master any field of study in under 20 hours. Given that 80% of health issues are diet related, doctors should have greater working knowledge of nutrition science. Period.


2. It gets worse. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University examined data from 25 family, internal medicine and OB-GYN medical residency programs throughout Ohio: They discovered that these programs averaged only 2.8 hours of Total Instruction on Nutrition, Obesity, and Exercise.


And…only 42% actually taught what they DID know to their patients.


3. According To The Journal Of Biomedical EducationOnly 29% Of Medical Schools Give The Recommended 25 Credit Hours of Nutrition Training To Their Medical Students. 


 4. And watch this: When given a basic Nutrition Final Examination at the end of their medical training, Only 52% Of Pediatric Medical Graduates Answered The Basics on Nutrition correctly, according to a 2017 study from The International Of Adolescent Medicine Health.


Let me be clear: Doctors WILL NOT TREAT Diabetes…But They WILL KEEP Giving You Dangerous Medications:


Insulin Medication Is Actually Hurting Black Diabetics… Not Helping

5. You want to get off insulin by any means necessary. Type 2 Diabetic patients given insulin or sulfonylureas, which force the pancreas to overwork, have a significantly greater chance of Cancer throughout their bodies. (Source: Diabetes Care).


6. Diabetics Injected With Insulin Are 3 Times More Likely TO Die From Heart Attacks than those that take an oral medication according to A 2011 Study From Current Molecular Pharmacology.


7. Insulin destroys blood vessels. In a study of over 150 diabetics, blood vessel disease is greatest among those with high levels of insulin. (Source: International Journal of Cardiology).


Figure 2. Displays the increased chance of heart attacks for diabetics.


Doctors May Not Know How To Reverse Diabetes, But…

Medical Research Scientists DO…


Data Has Shown For Decades: The Best Way To Cure Type 2 Diabetes Is With A Strategic, High-Nutrient Meal Plan…


*Figure 3. Superfoods can reverse diabetes permanently.


8. Fruits, Vegetables, Beans and Nuts Can Take You Off Insulin Medication Forever– Research from The Journal Of International Obesity discovered that Low Calorie, High Nutrition Diets Reversed Patient Need For Hypoglycemic oral medications. In fact, medications for Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol were no longer needed after Two Weeks On A Proper Meal Plan.


9. 2012 Research From The Journal Of Preventive Medicine Found That 90% Of Diabetics Placed On A High Nutrient, Alkaline Diet Were Able To Stop All Medication.


10. The Same Study Reports That even the people that only managed to reduce their medication.


  • Reduced Their Medication By 75%
  •  Dropped Their A1C (a measure of blood sugar) from 8.2 to 5.8. (Lower than 6 is considered non-diabetic).
  •    Dropped Their Systolic Blood Pressure From 148 to 121.


11. 2010 Research From BMJ Found That High Micronutrient and Phytochemically Rich Meals, The Kind Derived From Fruits, Vegetables, Beans And Seeds Are Responsible For Healing and Preventing Type 2 Diabetes.


12. A Longitudinal Study From Diabetes Care found that getting your protein from Vegetables is Superior to Animal sources as vegetables do not harm blood sugar, blood pressure, or blood cholesterol levels… Vegetables are essential for reversing diabetes.


13. A 2009 Study of over 60,000 people, found that plant eaters were 66% less likely of getting and staying Diabetic Compared With Non-Plant Eaters.


14. Since Most Diabetics Die Early Of Heart Attack, it’s good to know that research from Angiology found that the right plant foods can literally clean clogged arteries and increase blood flow to the heart by 40%.


15. Research From Diabetologia reports that the right beans and plant foods carry resistant starches that lower blood sugar levels AFTER they are eaten (when insulin levels are typically the highest).


16. A separate study from The Journal Of Nutrition found that The Fiber From Plants reduces inflammation in the gut and is significantly associated with reducing Diabetes risk.


17. A Meta-Analysis From The BMJ Found that even just ONE more serving of Green Vegetables in a diet provides significant protection from Type 2 Diabetes.


18. The Carotenoids In Greens, When Eaten At Least 5 Times A Week, Drop Your Risk For Diabetic Blindness BY 86%! (Source: JAMA, 1994)


 Veganism Is Not The Answer…You Need The Right Foods


19. Vegans will be shocked to learn that when they eat the Wrong Plants, they are near as likely to get diabetes just like everyone else. (Source: Furhman, 2013).


20. So-called “Plant-Based” Dieters Who Eat The Wrong Foods Still Have Diabetes Rates Similar To Non Plant-Based Dieters: 6.1% compared to 7.7%, respectively. (Source: Diabetes Care)


21.Any “Plant-Based” Diet That Cannot Kill Your Fat ImmediatelyWill Fail Diabetics.






  1. Fat stops insulin from energizing your body’s cells. (Source Here: Monash University)
  2. Fat distorts insulin receptors and stops the body from removing blood sugar from the blood…causing a rise in Diabetes. (Source: Nature).
  3.     As little as 5 pounds of excess fat on the body can break your body’s ability to process insulin, carry glucose (sugar) into your cells…and either START Diabetes or make It WORSE. (Source: Furhman, 2013).


*Figure 4. Displays the role of fat intake on insulin resistance and diabetes.


The facts and the data are out there.


I would encourage you to do whatever you have to do to get rid of this disease for yourself and the people you care about.


Just please, get the right data.


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