14 Secrets of the Korean Diet – Why Korean Women Don’t Get Fat

Korean girls eat A LOT, and they don't get fat. Why is that? Skinniness is highly prized in the Asian culture and Asians are often naturally thin but this doesn't fully explain it. It definitely has to do with the Korean Diet.

You might have heard of the Mukbang phenomenon. Mukbang is a video live stream wherein a host eats epic amounts of food while sharing about the deliciousness of the food with a live audience. Many of the stars of Mukbang are tiny little Korean Girls. The most famous Mukbang Queen is called The Diva and she is the tiniest of them all!

When walking around in Korea, you typically never see any fat people. Unfortunately, this is slowly changing now that American fast food is gaining popularity in Korea. Ultimately, the food eaten in Korea plays a huge role when it comes to staying slim with the Korean ladies.

Some people beleive that genetics are a huge factor that determines Korean women's body composition. However, when Korean women move to the United States, they also tend to gain weight. This is why diet is truly the number one reason why Korean girls can stay fit as a fiddle.